Madariyoun Concrete was founded with a capital investment worth JD 200 thousand and is responsible for creating readymade concrete building materials, wood works, and pavement stones.

Madariyoun Concrete factory will be the first CAD/CAM Precast Concrete elements producer in Jordan. It is distinguished by its fully automated production process and the variety of precasted elements that can be produced in this factory that provides Madariyoun with the competitive advantage. It is an essential investment and first of its kind and size towards introducing ‘semi-industrialized’ construction systems that that will provide a green and cost effective housing units in Jordan.


Our products include:

  1. Solid walls (cladding, partitions, boundary wall, etc…)
  2. Double walls (bearing walls in residential projects)
  3. Lattice slabs (slabs of reasonable spans of fast erection)
  4. Other several items (stairs, beams, columns, etc...)

  Madariyoun Precast Factory Investment

20,250,000 JD



   Production Capacity (plan area)

290,000 SQM/year


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Amman 11814 Jordan
Tel: 962-6-5885558
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