Madariyoun Industries
includes 2 independent and registered companies namely, Madariyoun Concrete LLC and Madariyoun Fabrications LLC. The various profit centers within those entities consist of fully integrated manufacturing or assembly lines that turns out cost and quality effective products. These products cater for the various construction projects in Jordan (and the region) satisfying all specifications and requirements.

Both entities are strategically located at the Mushatta Industrial Zone, a well serviced and effectively developed zone for high end industries, comprising 4 industrial buildings with a total built up area of 42,000 sqm and a 250,000 sqm land. The chosen machinery has passed demanding economic and quality criteria and has been selected from the top names and industry specialists in Europe.

Madariyoun Concrete LLC is the first industry in Jordan that has adopted the latest semi industrialized construction technology; a fully automated, CAD/CAM and robot driven system to produce reinforced concrete (our regions key construction requirement), load bearing double walls and slabs systems that yield high quality, time saving, cost effective, pre-insulated and zero waste superstructures for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  The machinery are acquired from German (mainly) and Austrian manufacturers and technology leaders with decades of accumulated European and international experience and knowledge.

Madariyoun Fabrications LLC includes 2 main profit centers. The Wood Fabrication Factory is to produce, doors, kitchens and closets utilizing the latest Italian machinery and equipment, assembled together to produce high quality products with reasonable break-even points utilizing attainable skill sets. The uPVC Fabrication facility is to produce energy saving, high quality doors, windows and louvers utilizing the latest German technology based CNC, welding, bending and other support machinery capable of handling various reinforced profiles and producing all required architectural shapes in various laminated colors.

Both companies are set for future capacity expansions as well as diversification and additions.

The management system is based on a team centric communication structure with clear,quality driven policies and procedures, within a framework of refined corporate governance policies.

Customer satisfaction, price savings, quality and profitability are the key considerations at Madariyoun Industries.

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